Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why Kevin Gofron Chooses LinkedIn for Networking

It is very important to Kevin Gofron that he maintains multiple active social networking profiles. Especially crucial to Kevin Gofron is his frequent updating of his LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great platform for Kevin Gofron to succinctly and accurately show the trajectory of his career, from his early days as a chemist in the label making business, to his current position as a global business development manager with Avery Dennison Corporation.

LinkedIn is, to Kevin Gofron, the ideal social networking platform for creating and sustaining working relationships with other professionals who do business both in and out of his field. LinkedIn is a very useful way to use social networking to improve one’s reputation and increase their presence online, two reasons why Kevin Gofron chooses to network there.

Kevin Gofron knows that many companies and potential employers will specifically look up a person’s LinkedIn profile in order to see where they have worked and what they did there. For this reason, Kevin Gofron believes it is crucial to maintain a profile that details your job experience all in one place. LinkedIn, to Kevin Gofron, is like a resume that you can showcase, that changes with you as you work in different areas or take on different positions.

Networking with LinkedIn is the biggest reason that Kevin Gofron maintains his profile. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for finding potential clients and business partners, and for Kevin Gofron, that means that he is also able to become more visible as an esteemed professional in the field of label making. Kevin Gofron also finds that with LinkedIn he is able to keep track of what colleagues and friends in the business world are doing at work.

Kevin Gofron urges anyone who does not yet have a LinkedIn profile to start one up!

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