Monday, 10 June 2013

Kevin Gofron: Competing With FLW Outdoors

Outside of working as a professional of distinction in the label-making field, Kevin Gofron has been committed to the sport of bass fishing for over ten years. With FLW Outdoors, a bass fishing association of people involved in the sport of fishing across the country, Kevin Gofron fishes both recreationally and competitively.

Kevin Gofron has even traveled for competitions. In 2006, Kevin Gofron even traveled to Kentucky with a co-angler for a bass fishing competition that lasted several days. The two of them spent full days out on Lake Cumberland in a small motorboat, trying to catch any bass that swam by.

For Kevin Gofron, competing is an experience to learn, connect with other seasoned bass anglers, and try yet again to catch that perfect fish. While Kevin Gofron has never placed first in a competition, that does not mean he is going to stop trying. Kevin Gofron has always been enthusiastic about fishing, and he has no plans to stop now.

Competing is really only one portion of the drive to fish that is experienced by Kevin Gofron. This seasoned bass angler involves himself in multiple fishing-related endeavors, including, of course, recreational fishing, but also one of his favorite sport fishing activities of all time: teaching young children how to become seasoned bass anglers themselves.

For Kevin Gofron, working with children who are just learning how to fish and then sending them off to compete in youth competitions is the most rewarding aspect of his fishing hobby. Kevin Gofron loves to hear from young people who have learned from him and subsequently placed well in competitions, because he knows that anyone who has the drive and enthusiasm can learn to fish. Beyond competing, watching young people gain confidence and patience in the sport of bass fishing is the ultimate satisfaction for Kevin Gofron.

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