Monday, 17 June 2013

Kevin Gofron: Global Manager at Avery Dennison

Pressure sensitive adhesive label making has been Kevin Gofron’s life business pursuit for over two decades. At Avery Dennison Corporation, Kevin Gofron has enjoyed the continuation of his work of developing improvements in the field of label making.

At Avery Dennison Corporation, Kevin Gofron finds himself surrounded by a team of other successful professionals. Kevin Gofron is a top producer in his field and is situated in a company where he works with colleagues who share his passion and success in the manufacture and marketing of such products as pressure sensitive roll materials, reflective highway gear, graphic application films, and labels of multiple varieties.

Kevin Gofron began his work with Avery Dennison Corporation as a business development manager of metalure products, and then moved on less than two years later to adopt the title of global business development manager in labels and packaging, a definite step forward. Kevin Gofron refers to Avery Dennison’s products as “high end,” a term that means that Avery Dennison only produces the best of the best.

To Kevin Gofron, producing nothing but top of the line products is the most important work that he does. For this reason, when Avery Dennison launched the new TurnLock Laminating System in September of 2012, Kevin Gofron was thrilled to be part of the team behind its creation and eventual release. TurnLock, according to Kevin Gofron, is a revolutionary laminating system because it both reduces waste and increases efficiency in the lamination process substantially, meaning that not only is it more environmentally friendly than traditional systems, but it also reduces costs for its users.

Kevin Gofron’s business development positions at Avery Dennison mean that he is constantly a driving force behind the innovation behind new products such as TurnLock, as well as the manufacture and marketing, both domestically as well as overseas.

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