Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kevin Gofron’s Company and the Launch of TurnLock

Kevin Gofron holds the position of Global Business Development Manager at Avery Dennison Corporation, where he remains an expert in the field of label making. In September of 2012, Kevin Gofron, along with the rest of his colleagues at Avery Dennison, announced the launch of TurnLock Laminating System, a new revolutionary technology in the label making business.

TurnLock is a particularly innovative new technology because, according to Kevin Gofron, TurnLock improves efficiency in lamination by 20%, as well as using 30% less material for the lamination process than standard lamination.

Kevin Gofron is enthused about TurnLock because of the multitude of new features that comes along with this exciting new technology. For example, TurnLock creates far less waste in its lamination process than standard graphics protection systems, a feature that Kevin Gofron notes is not only more environmentally sound but also reduces the overall cost of materials.

According to Kevin Gofron, TurnLock Laminating System is such an efficient technology that the failures present in conventional graphics lamination systems are completely eliminated with TurnLock. Such mishaps include a phenomenon that Kevin Gofron says is called “over-lamination,” a problem that encompasses many smaller issues, such as a lack of overall tension in the final product. These failed attempts often have to be thrown out, adding to waste and increased costs of production. According to Kevin Gofron, this is not the case with TurnLock.

What is the secret to TurnLock Laminating System? According to Kevin Gofron, the technology uses a turn bar along with printing techniques that do not deviate from what has already been established to work. With TurnLock, Kevin Gofron notes that the creation of graphics for products and goods is just as durable as conventional lamination, but because it uses far less material, TurnLock is just that much better.

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