Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On Donating to a Cause With Kevin Gofron

Kevin Gofron’s success as a businessman in his home state of Illinois is shown by his 22 years of hard work in the label making industry with multiple corporations. Kevin Gofron also knows the importance of using your resources for good, which means that he makes it a priority to make annual donations to the cause of curing and treating Rett Syndrome, as well as supporting families with a member who suffers from this condition. His sister-in-law has Rett Syndrome, so he has seen first hand how difficult it can be to deal with this disease.

Kevin Gofron’s donations go toward supporting the families of those who are afflicted with this neurodevelopmental disorder, as well as toward finding a cure. For Kevin Gofron, donating to cure Rett Syndrome is a way to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people affected by this disease, which causes seizures, tics, spasticity, stereotyped and repetitive movement, and, most prominently, mental regression.

Kevin Gofron is saddened by the prevalence of such conditions as Rett Syndrome, but he also knows that there is hope. While Kevin Gofron is aware that Rett Syndrome is caused by a gene mutation, he also knows that scientists are working on figuring out a way to reverse the mutations in the affected gene, the MeCP2 gene.

There are many organizations and charities that gladly accept donations to the cause of curing and treating Rett Syndrome, and Kevin Gofron recommends that anyone who is able donate to such a cause. Kevin Gofron knows that treating a chronic condition such as this one is expensive, due to a myriad of medications for each patient, regular doctor visits, and even additional expenses such as parental counseling. For this reason, Kevin Gofron is deeply invested in continuing to support the endeavors of scientists who are currently working to cure the syndrome, as well as charity organizations that help to support families affected by it.

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