Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kevin Gofron: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Label Expert

Kevin Gofron owes his expertise in the field of making and marketing pressure sensitive adhesive labels to 22 years of hard work and dedication to the business. Kevin Gofron is especially passionate about the form and function of pressure sensitive adhesive labels, because they do not require the use of solvents. Kevin Gofron shows his love for pressure sensitive labels through the following points.

·          Pressure sensitive adhesive labels can be printed with high quality ink at a very high resolution. For this reason, Kevin Gofron appreciates the visual appeal of pressure sensitive adhesive labels, because they can truly make a product’s packaging pop out, and as a person invested in sales and marketing, Kevin Gofron truly cares about making his clients stand out from their competition.
·          Kevin Gofron will be the first person to tell you that pressure sensitive adhesive labels are not only have great potential for being visually appealing. In fact, Kevin Gofron knows that these labels are highly functional in a multitude of ways. Kevin Gofron will also tell you that these labels are extremely durable.
·          Kevin Gofron appreciates the versatility of pressure sensitive adhesive labels. For example, Kevin Gofron knows that pressure sensitive adhesive labels conform to the shape of the container or packaging without any hassle.
·          Because pressure sensitive adhesive labels do not require the use of very many materials in their manufacturing, Kevin Gofron says with pride that they are an environmentally friendly packaging option. According to Kevin Gofron, many of these labels are even tree-free in their production.

Kevin Gofron’s list of reasons for why one should use pressure sensitive adhesive labeling may be enough for him to make a convincing argument. Kevin Gofron also believes that you should have a look at products that use these labels in their packaging, and consider the benefits yourself.

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