Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Awards Received By Kevin Gofron

In his professional adult life, Kevin Gofron has worked for a multitude of corporations. Kevin Gofron has been in the business of developing decals, packaging, and label making for 22 years, from his beginnings as a chemist for the American Decal Company in the early 1990’s to his current position as global business development manager for label and packaging materials at Avery Dennison Corporation.

Between these two companies, Kevin Gofron spent some time working to manage project development at Weber Marking Systems and, even more notably, as a manager of product development, marketing, sales, and business development at Brady Corporation. While Kevin Gofron has now moved on to his current position at Avery Dennison Corporation, the years he spent at Brady Corporation were valuable, both to him and to the company.

Kevin Gofron’s time at Brady Corporation was characterized by his commitment to working as a team with his colleagues, as well as for his innovation in business and product development. Kevin Gofron has brought these skills and characteristics to his new position at Avery Dennison Corporation.

While at Brady Corporation, Kevin Gofron was awarded multiple awards for his great success, teamwork, and professionalism. The first award was the title of Principal of the Year for Brady Corporation by Hisco, which he received in 2001. The next year, in 2002, Kevin Gofron received two different awards. The first was that of Innovator of the Year, for his passion, entrepreneurship and new ideas. The second was that of Team Player of the Year. Kevin Gofron’s commitment to teamwork is so strong that the subsequent year of 2003 brought him the very same Team Player of the Year Award.

Kevin Gofron is humbled by these honors, and he feels lucky to have worked with a variety of smart and results oriented professionals throughout the trajectory of his whole career.

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